How many times have you ever had your hair snipped too short? to form you’re feeling worse, did your hair stylist then advise you to stay your hair short anyway because it was dry, a touch nappy and had split ends? As on behalf of me, I felt my self-assurance being thrown out of the window. And it absolutely was additional depressing once I had a special dinner date or operate to travel to.

Then I felt thus down once I accomplished my hair was worsening like 30-40 strands nearly on a daily basis.

In my case, out of desperation and thinking i used to be going bald, I resorted myself to valuable salon treatments and used with chemicals induced hair treatment product on my hair. of these product weren’t appropriate for my scalp and created my scalp condition worse. Even when paying many greenbacks, I over up with associate degreeirritated scalp and tiny hair to vogue and flick.

I searched uncountable data and talked to some friends and relatives. i started to explore a spread of natural ingredients on my scalp and hair. I additionally explored some massage techniques.

What i would like to share here is, I discovered that in my journey to save lots of my crowning glory, finding and mistreatment the correct techniques and right natural ingredients weren’t enough. It took my consistent commitment, discipline, tender dotty look after my scalp and hair, additionally as patience to succeed in my goal. I needed long, healthy, luscious and nice trying hair.


How much does one need healthy and fantastically trying long luscious hair, while not mistreatment valuable with chemicals induced solutions? can you be committed for concerning 2 years, to persistently undergo all trials and errors to search out the correct mixture of natural ‘recipes’ for your distinctive hair type? can you be committed to use this direction each day? What if you’re a busy operating girl or mother?

Then for best results, can you be committed to perhaps jot down some notes to watch your results at everyphase? Or if you recognize however you’re living, what you’re consumption or drinking is negatively poignant the health of your scalp and hair can you be whole committed to form a amendment in your mode and diet?

I committed concerning 2 years to search out and use the correct scalp massaging techniques, complemented with admixture and matching some natural ingredients to accelerate my hair at double the speed.


You need to discipline yourself to stay to a homogenous schedule or routine to worry for your scalp and hair. are you able to get up like 30-45 minutes earlier each morning to present your scalp a touch oil massage? Then you’llgot to apportion time to shampoo your hair, rinse and provides it time to dry naturally?

I am a busy operating mother with 2 bubbly children. thus to be additional organized, before i am going to bed nightly, i purchase my hair care stuff like my hair band, honey, a selected reasonably oil, my hair towel, my comb and brush all nicely organized on my table or underneath my lavatory mirror, prepared for successive morning once I get up.

It will facilitate even higher to additionally set up ahead and find prepared what you would like to wear to figuresuccessive day. place of these showing neatness and sorted come in constant convenient place nightly before planning to bed. It saves time and is a smaller amount nerve-wracking within the mornings, that if truth be toldindirectly, helps to revive your scalp condition.

Then you must got to rotate the ingredients or the recipes you employ like each once in 2 or 3 weeks, betting onthe results and your hair sort. Hence, you wish to require some notes to stay track.

To be honest, to essentially recognize what works and what doesn’t work for your distinctive style of hair, it’shigher to stay a record. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself squandering precious time and energy however still not finding the most effective remedy or direction for your scalp and hair.

Then, throughout the day, when exposing your hair to perhaps the air-conditioner, the smoke, the sun, the heat, the cold air, the wind or dry air, to hair styling chemicals and gadgets, it’s a requirement to present your exhausted scalp and hair a rejuvenating massage and spa at the top of a protracted day. Yes, albeit you’re exhausted from a protracted day’s work or back late when an excellent party time. For more info visit

And if you have got stuff like toilet article on your hair, you need to gently take away it to let your hair and scalp breathe as you snooze. you’ll be able to truly massage your scalp within the shower and whereas you soak within the tub. Take it slow, let yourself and your hair rest and relax. This feels great!

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