Victim Story: Wife, Parental Family Mentally, Physically and Financially Torturing

I was married in 25/01/2016 on her place Beohari after married she came to my place only for 3 days then she went to her home for sister marriage. I went to her place on 05/02/2016 to attend her sister marriage. In her sister marriage day my wife got a lots of calls I asked her who is calling, again and again, se told me her college friend but I have seen her phone one guy message her in whatspp (boy message on her sister marriage  – mere phone pic kar Madarchod nahi to tere husband ko sab bata dunga ),maine apne wife ko bola ki  I will go for FIR she told me don’t go will discuss later  and my father in law requested ki main samjata hu apni beti ko ki us ladke se baat na kare. Uske baat I went to my place pune and she was in her town. uske baad phir Pune se Satna 12/03/2016 ko aaya wife ko Bhopal ke college se certificate nikanale. 14/03/2016 ko jab hum Bhopal aaye to mujhe waha meri wife ke friend se pata chala ki meri wife shadi ke pahale bhaag gayi thi aur bhopal mein meri wife ka 15/10/2015 ko FIR registered huya tha. I was totally shocked ki mere saath dhoka huya hai mere father in law ne ye baat mujhe aur meri famliy ko nahi boli thi, then again I went to pune and she went her town.

16/03/2016 ko pura matter janane ke liye I called my wife boyfriend(Rahul Ranjan) and he told me – main smriti ko 5 years se love kartha hu aur vo bhi karthi hai  uske ghar walo ne forcefully shadi kara di hai apne cast mein agar vo nahi aayi mere paas to main suicide kar ke uske family ko barbaad kar dunga I told him if u called to my wife again I will file FIR in Pune. After marriage she was 4 month with her parent and after 4month she came first time in pune on 11 may 2016 with her brother. Brother ke jane ke baad she was not treating me as her husband she refused to make a food and she was not making a physical relationship with me, whenever I wish to make a physical relationship, she refused to do and fight me with.she told me I came only for job and I am not interested for physical relationship and family responsibility. My wife has a extra marital affairs past before marriage and after marriage also she continue doing with her college boyfriend Rahul Ranjan She is using me as a husband only for show the society that she is married. She using me for fulfilling her financial needs and for social status only. She was not allowing my senior parent to visit in Pune. she was not talking to my seniors parent and family she told me I stay in pune with u not your parent and family and I will not go tour home town forever. she not respect to my senior parent she was abusing me and my family. she and her family continue visit in pune and forcing on me to break all the relation with our family, specially her brother and in law is forcing me do not call our parent to visit in pune for stay.they are threatened and torturing me to ruin my carried and life and many times they visit and they have threatened me to kill me in Pune. Specially her brother forcing me whatever my sister want just do in otherwise I will come in pune and killed you.She was send her boyfriend resume to her company for job in pune always calling to her boyfriend in midnight to visit in pune.17July 2016 my sister in law with her husband and brother visit in pune and they are forcing and torturing me to do the fulfil needs if you will not do we will file a false case against you and again and they told me forcing fully we want to see punna and I spend 40 k to visit mahabaleshwar temple and entire . 09/08/2016 her auncle(Pradeep kesharwani) and aunty(Seema) visit in pune and they forcing and torturing me to do her fulfil needs whatever she want if you are not doing I will file false case against you they are also want to see pune and we visit bhimashakar temple . was totally harassed with them and then again my Father in law came to pune on 01/09/2016 and same father in law torturing and harassed me for the same. My father in law took her back and she went her native place for 75 days than I visit her place and her father convey me she will take care your house and she will make food after she came Pune 25/11/2016. after few days she was doing same she was not treating me as her husband she refused to make a food and  she was not making physical relationship with me, whenever I wish to make physical relationship, she refuse to do and fight me with.she told me I came only for job and I am not interested for physical relationship and family responsibility. I have always done something new for my wife for better relationship In my 1 year marriage anniversary 25/01/2017 we went Goa for celebrating anniversary.

After Goa few days was good than again she was doing same thing refused to make food I wish to make physical relationship, she refuse to do and fight me she stared abusing, miss behave. she was shouting like a any thing. Suddenly On 03/3/2017 without informing me she run away from my pune flat. When I called her she told me who are you to asked me. Next day she came in flat and I asked her where u went without informing me she replied I don’t want to tell you this is my life whatever I want to do I will do. She told me if u again asked me I will file a false case against you and ur family. She was torturing shouting I was to totally harassed by my wife and her family. One day again she run away from my flat 10 march 2017 without informing me I called my father in law he again given damki “my father in law and her brother abused me and my parent he told me he will come to pune again and he will kill me and destroy me and my family”. This time I was totally fear next day I filled a 2 complain 11/03/2017 against my wife boyfriend and her family in waked police station. 12 march 8 member forcefully inter to my flat without informing me I called police to save my life but police also not take serious. After FIR 3 times I visit police station but police not a take legal action against them. They simply filled FIR not take any action. My wife left me my house date 11/03/2017 without informing me and she said that she will destroy my family.

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