Need of Regular Bail after Anticipatory Bail in 498a?

In our previous article we have talked about meaning of 498a, meaning and relevance of anticipatory bail, meaning of stay on arrest, transit bail. Now we would be talking about the requirement of converting anticipatory bail in regular bail as many viewers asked me if there is any necessity of acquiring regular bail after anticipatory bail in 498a. before that we would again like to talk about anticipatory bail and regular bail. Anticipatory bail is obtained when you anticipate arrest in a false 498a case and then you take resort of court by applying for the same. So now you have your anticipatory bail with you and you have decided to fight this case in court on merits. You are now wondering if you need to convert your anticipatory bail into regular bail. The answer to this is very simple and it is a BIG NO. If you have got anticipatory bail then there is no need for you to go for regular bail.

regular bail in 498a

Should you apply for regular bail after charge sheet?

As we said it is not necessary at all. You have got anticipatory bail from the court and now charge sheet has been filed. Your anticipatory bail automatically converts into regular bail. You might need to apply for bail if you get convicted in lower court and while you get bail you may apply in higher court for hearing of your 498a case. You also need to keep in mind that you need to follow everything mentioned in your anticipatory bail order and not doing that may result in your arrest by police. Just to clear your doubts we have made a table and mentioned permanent and regular bail types. It will help you in understanding which type of bail is temporary and permanent.

Bail types in 498a

Temporary Bail are interim bail, notice bail, temporary stay on arrest (usually for 1 month), Interim bail due to reason like sickness, family related issue, assembly session ets.

In Permanent bail you have three types of bail and they are anticipatory bail, regular bail and stay on arrest which is indefinite.

So we are sure that now you are clear about the bail concept in 498a. We hope that you safeguard yourself and your family against evils of 498a wives and her family. We wish you all the best in your battle of 498a and fight your case on merit.


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