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My Story of 498a

I am like you, a citizen of India and a victim who was tortured by wife and their in-laws. Did it make any difference to me? The plain answer is a big NO. I am stronger than ever and ready to face any difficulties in life. I thank God that he decided to take out an evil girl from my life who I do not even feel like calling my wife ever. Today I am out of all cases and a free citizen of India and a happy divorced guy.

I am from a small town and after doing my graduation I moved to Mumbai then worked in an IT company. After few years I decided to do MBA and once completed I came back to Mumbai and started working with one if the reputed IT companies in India. After some time I and my parents started feeling that I should get married. So we posted my profile in one of the marriage portals and started getting a lot of proposals there. We saw a proposal from Maharashtra and liked the profile as we felt its a middle-class family and girl is also graduate. They came to our house and fixed the marriage. Till marriage, they were behaving as if they are the best-behaved family in this whole wide world.

We went on a honeymoon to Goa and till then everything was fine. The real twist started when she came back home and started doing household work. She started doing a lot of dramas and after some time, they filed a case on me. It started when she got pregnant so I asked her if she wants to deliver the baby or not. She told me that she is super fine with the baby and let us inform everyone in the family. We did the same and we all were so happy. The U-turn came when her mother came to Mumbai and started telling me that she should abort. I was shocked and surprised about this that a few days back everything was fine and now she wants to abort the child. I took her to the best hospital in Mumbai and all the doctors said that everything is fine and she should not abort. Her mother finally took her to her place and aborted after a month without my consent.

I again took her back thinking the child is not everything in life and I should start everything fresh. We even went on a trip and after coming back train was back on track and she started fighting with me in full swing. One fine day she told me that she does not want to stay with me and going back home. I asked the reason and she asked me to become ghar jamai for which I denied. After 10 months of wait, she filed a case on me and my family members.

I was harassed at the office so I left my job. I left the society where I was living in but I always wanted to fight. Chargesheet was filed and the case went to the court. Many times I felt like committing suicide but I did not because I always wanted to fight. I gave an application in fast track court and the court accepted my application. I hired few lawyers and fought my case myself and judge had to agree it was a case of only revenge and nothing else. I was granted a divorce and now a free man without any cases on me.

I am happier than before, do not have fear of losing anyone now. Stronger and ready to face any problems in life. many people ask me if I want to get married again and I reply if it is in destiny then I would else it will never happen to me.

Request to all Men Victims of 498a

Please do not fall prey to their blackmailing and do not fear anything. Whatever happens, do not leave your parents and family. They are your support system and will always be. Make sure you are not committing suicide and will never even think of it. Fight your case on merit and win it at any cost.

Thanks to this blog

I would really like to thank this blog and Abhishek for his continued support. He always made me feel comfortable and guided me every time. Keep up the good work team!

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