70 Judgements When Wife Was Not Given Maintenance in India

We all think that as soon as wife files a maintenance case on the husband, he has to pay her maintenance and in most of the cases it is one third of his income. However, there are times when these cruel wives got a slap on their face and denied maintenance. Before that do you know the Section 125 of CRPC which talks about maintenance? If no, then do have a look at the law below,

Section 125 of Maintenance law in India

Order for maintenance of wives, children, and parents.-(1) If any person having sufficient means neglects or refuses to maintain-

(a)his wife, unable to maintain herself, or

(b) his legitimate or illegitimate minor child, whether married or not, unable to maintain itself , or

(c) his legitimate or illegitimate child (not being a married daughter)who has attained majority, where such child is, by reason of any physical or mental abnormality or injury unable to maintain itself, or

(d) his father and mother, unable to maintain himself or herself,

A Magistrate of the first class may, upon proof of such neglect or refusal , order such person to make a monthly allowance for the maintenance of his wife or such child, father or mother, at such monthly rate [***], as such Magistrate thinks fit, and to pay the same to such person as the Magistrate may from time to time direct:

Provided that the Magistrate may order the father of a minor female child referred to in clause (b) to make such allowance, until she attains her majority, if the Magistrate is satisfied that the husband or such minor female child, if married, is not possessed of sufficient means.

 2.[Provided further that the Magistrate may, during the pendency of the proceeding regarding monthly allowance for the maintenance under this sub-section, order such person to make a monthly allowance for the interim maintenance of his wife or such child, father or mother and the expenses of such proceeding which the Magistrate considers reasonable, and to pay the same to such person as the Magistrate may from time to time direct:

Provided also that an application for the monthly allowance for the interim maintenance and expenses for proceeding under the second proviso shall, as far as possible, be disposed of within sixty days from the date of the service of notice of the application to such person.]

Explanation.- For the purpose of this chapter.-

(a) “Minor” means a person who, under the provisions of the Indian Majority Act, of 1875 (9 of 1875), is deemed not to have attained his majority;

(b) “wife” includes a woman who has been divorced by, or has obtained a divorce from, her husband and has not remarried;

3.[(2) Any such allowance for the maintenance or interim maintenance and expenses for proceeding shall be payable from the date of the order, or, if so ordered, from the date of the application for maintenance or interim maintenance and expenses of proceeding , as the case may be.]

(3) If any person so ordered fails without sufficient cause to comply with the order, any such Magistrate may, for every breach of the order, issue a warrant for levying the amount due in the manner provided for levying fines, and may sentence such person, for the whole or any part of each month’s [allowance for the maintenance or the interim maintenance and expenses of proceeding, as the case may be,] remaining unpaid after the execution of the warrant, to imprisonment for a term which may extend to one month or until payment if sooner made:

Provided that no warrant shall be issued for the recovery of any amount due under this section unless application be made to the court to levy such amount within a period of one year from the date on which it became due:

Provided further that if such person offers to maintain his wife on condition of her living with him, and she refuses to live with him, such Magistrate may consider any grounds of refusal stated by her,  and may make an order under this section notwithstanding such offer, if he is satisfied that there is just ground for so doing.
Explanation.-If a husband has contracted marriage with another woman or keeps a mistress, it shall be considered to be just ground for his wife’s refusal to live with him.

(4) No wife shall be entitled to receive an [allowance for the maintenance or the interim maintenance and expenses of proceeding, as the case may be,] from her husband under this section if she is living in adultery, or if, without any sufficient reason, she refuses to live with her husband, or if they are living separately by mutual consent.

(5) ON proof that any wife in whose favor an order has been made under this section is living in adultery, or that without sufficient reason she refuses to live with her husband, or that they are living separately by mutual consent, the Magistrate shall cancel the order.

We have compiled a list of Judgements When Wife Was Not Given Maintenance in India and it will help you in fighting your maintenance case.

Judgements When Wife Denied Maintenance By Court in India

Alok Kumar Jain Vs. Purnima Jain an-nri-wins-an-interim-maintenance-case-2008 Anu_Kaul_vs_Rajeev_Kaul_on_23_March,_2009 Asha_Devi_vs_Pominder_Kumar_Chhabra_on_7_September_2006 CENTRAL INFORMATION COMMISSION – Bank Account Details and confidentiality Chaya_vs_K.G._Channappa_Gowda_on_22_September,_1992 Dhanwanti_Joshi_vs_Madhav_Unde_on_4_November,_1997 Dr._E._Shanthi_vs_Dr._H.K._Vasudev_on_22_August,_2005 Farjana_Banu_vs_Parvez_Alam_on_23_April,_2004 Gian Chand Versus Dilpreet Kaur Gomaji_vs_Smt._Yashoda_And_Anr._on_13_September,_1995 Harbans_Lal_Malik_vs_Payal_Malik_on_29_July,_2010 (1) Harbans_Lal_Malik_vs_Payal_Malik_on_29_July,_2010 Harminder_Kaur_vs_Gurtar_Singh_on_17_February,_2011 ines miranda vs santosh k swamy dated 14 december 2010 Iqbal_Bano_vs_State_Of_U.P._And_Anr_on_5_June,_2007 Jagdish_Prasad_vs_State_&_Ors_on_22_February,_2008 (1) Jagdish_Prasad_vs_State_&_Ors_on_22_February,_2008 (2) Jagdish_Prasad_vs_State_&_Ors_on_22_February,_2008 Joginder_vs_State_Nct_Of_Delhi_&_Anr._on_22_September,_2010 Kaveri_vs_Neel_Sagar_&_Anr._on_25_October,_2010 Kumaresan vs Aswathi M.S.Mani_vs_K.Shyamala_on_4_November,_2006 Maintenance claim based on Affidavit dismissed Manish_Kumar_vs_Mrs._Pratibha_on_18_September,_2008 Manmohan_Singh_vs_Smt._Mahindra_Kaur_on_25_March,_1976 Manoj_Yadav_vs_Pushpa_@_Kiran_Yadav_on_11_January,_2011 Manokaran_@_Ramamoorthy_vs_M._Devaki_on_21_February,_2003 Marimuthu vs. Janaki Monica_Bedi_vs_State_Of_A.P._on_9_November,_2010 Mr. Sanjay Bhosale Vs Khrishna Mrs. Meena Dinesh Parmar vs Shri Dinesh Hastimal Parmar Nachhattar_Singh_Alias_Khanda_And_…_vs_State_Of_Punjab_on_23_September,_2009 P.Kalyanasundaram_vs_K.Paquialatchamy_on_10_January,_2003 R.V.Srinath_Prasad_vs_Nandamuri_Jayakrishna_&_Ors_on_2_March,_2001 Radhika_Narang_And_Ors._vs_Karun_Raj_Narang_And_Ors._on_16_November,_2004 Ravindra_Haribhau_Karmarkar_vs_Mrs._Shaila_Ravindra_Karmarkar_…_on_17_July,_1991 Rekha Gupta Vs Dinesh Gupta dated 28-7-2008 Renubala_Moharana_&_Anr_vs_Mina_Mohanty_&_Ors_on_23_March,_2004 S.Chandra_vs_C.V.Sridharan_on_21_February,_2007 (1) S.Chandra_vs_C.V.Sridharan_on_21_February,_2007 S.R._Batra_And_Anr_vs_Smt._Taruna_Batra_on_15_December,_2006 saket_damanreet_kaur_vs_indermeet_singh_juneja Sanjay_Bhardwaj_&_Ors._vs_The_State_&_Anr._on_27_August,_2010 Savitri_W_O_Shri_Govind_Singh_…_vs_Shri_Govind_Singh_Rawat_on_9_October,_1985 Shanavas,_S_O.Abdulsalam_vs_Raseena,_D_O.Shihabudeen_on_10_December,_2010 Sharli_Sunitha_vs_D._Balson_on_20_November,_2006 Sheila_B._Das_vs_P.R._Sugasree_on_17_February,_2006 Shivani Kabra Vs. Sh Shaleen Kabra Shriram_Munjaji_Raut_vs_The_State_Of_Maharashtra_on_14_March,_2011 Smt. Mamta Jaiswal vs Rajesh Jaiswal Smt._Archana_Gupta_&_Another_vs_Sri_Rajeev_Gupta_&_Another_on_18_November,_2009 Smt._Pratiksha_Arya_vs_Sri_Deepak_Kumar_Arya_on_17_March,_2011 Smt._Rampyari_&_Ors._vs_Ms._Kamlesh_on_9_March,_2010 Sonia Vs. Vinod- Rohini Court Delhi Sudha_Suhas_Nandanvankar_vs_Suhas_Ramrao_Nandanvankar_on_15_September,_2004 Sunitha,_W_O.Jolly_vs_State_Of_Kerala,_Rep.By_on_10_December,_2010 Sunny_Bhumbla_vs_Shashi_on_25_January,_2010 unclean-hands-no-maintenance Usha_Baghel_vs_Dr._B.B._Singh_on_29_August,_1991 Vijay_Kumar_vs_Harsh_Lata_Aggarwal_on_10_September,_2008 Vikas_Jain_vs_Smt._Deepali_@_Ayushi_Jain_on_25_October,_2010

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