What Happens after 498a FIR and Charge Sheet?

Many viewers asked us the sequence of events in 498a case and what really happens after 498a fir as they have no idea about what is going to happen next in future after a case is filed. Keeping that in mind, we have broken 498a sequence of events into various steps and they are as below,

How the case proceeds after 498a FIR and Charge Sheet?

498a after fir

  1. FIR filed by your beloved wife in her local police station. Usually wives go to their hometown and file a fake complaint in form of FIR. If you look at the various FIR filed at police station, you would find all of them to be similar as lawyers already keep a format of 498a FIR with them.
  2. After FIR as per new guidelines by Supreme court, police needs to satisfy the need of arrest of accused by filling a checklist and if that fulfills all the criterias then they need to get a written complaint from the Magistrate.
  3. As soon as you get notice for investigation. you need to apply for anticipatory bail in lower court which is also called as session court. if your bail gets denied in lower court then you need to move to higher court and once it is approves. You may appear for the police investigation.
  4. At police station you would need to do some formalities on attending dates given by the investigating officer and at the same time you would be asked few questions as part of investigation.
  5. Now sit back and relax. Police would need to file charge sheet and they would talk about the things they found out in the whole investigation based on their questioning.
  6. Once chargesheet is filed you will be sent summons or police will make phone call to receive charge sheet. Until that time you would not need to attend court. Sometimes police would not send a notice or call you on completion of chargesheet but that is not going to make any difference.
  7. Now you would need to go to court and you will be given chargesheet by public prosecutor. Chargesheet is also called as final report and it will have all the details of police investigation with names of witnesses and documents. if you do not find these details then you need to intimate court about the same.
  8. Now you would be given dated to attend court, you may either attend court dates or you may take exemption funder u/s 205 of Cr. P. C.
  9. Now charges would be framed against you under u/s240 Cr.P.C and if you are the accused then you may oppose the same.
  10. Now first witness, which would be your wife would be asked questions based on her complaint in FIR on court record. At the same time accused’s councel would also cross examine her.
  11. After this her father, mother, brother, sister etc would be asked.
  12. Now investigating officer would be asked by PP and then by accused advocate. Now your prosecution evidence would be closed and then
  13. Accused will be examined by Magistrate u/s 313 Cr.P.C. and then PP gives argument following which accused advocate gives argument.
  14. Now order of acquittal or sentence and then you would be given details order by the court.
  15. If you are acquitted then enjoy else appeal in higher court.


It takes years to reach to acquittal or sentence to the crime. usually this pattern is followed in any 498a cases and there are more than millions of cases pending in court. So do not worry about any false 498a case on you and fight like a fighter.


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