Future of 498a Wife: Life of Girl After Filing 498a and Leaving Husband

These days filing 498a has become a trend in India and wives use it to get their husband under their control. First time when Husband hears of 498a, domestic violence act he really gets scared but after sometimes he gets so fed up that he is ready to face any consequences and make himself prepared for 498a coming his way in future. As said by Mandy Hale,

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

We are scared only till wife decides to leave us and files a complaint. Once everything is done its time to face the music and fight till the end. Eventually we face few problems but end up winning the case because its a FALSE case. People who win get featured online like Deeptanshu got featured sometimes back and few get married again and lead a happy life.

Future of 498a Wife: Life of Girl After Filing 498a and Leaving Husband

Have we ever thought what happens to the girl who filed a false complaint? We will tell you today and before that just for dun we have got some nice GIF images explaining state of wife and husband and we are that you would like ti.

Wife before filing 498a

wife before 498a

Wife After losing 498a Case

wife after 498a

Husband just after knowing 498a case has been filed by wife

Husband after filing 498a

Husband Life After Winning 498a against wife

Husband life after 498a

This was the graphical representation of life of husband and wife after 498a. But what really happens once the case is over and they are divorced. let us have a look below,

  1. No one stop divorce after a 498A case. This case is more of an extortion weapon and if the accused fights back then wife gets nothing but a lot of visits to court and police station.
  2. She will never get married again and that is fir sure. India is a conservative society and here no one would like to get married to a 498a girl. She has all charm, dramas with her present husband and once she files a case she would be treated as enemy and will never be respected by anyone.
  3. Her sister will eventually run off with the milkman as no one would even think of getting their son married to extortionist family.
  4. her own brother and sister in law will be against her, remember they were the ones who supported her to file fake 498a case against her husband.
  5. The filer of a false 498A may face arrest under Section 182 and it could go upto 6 months.
  6. If couple have kids then May God save them as maintenance will hardly get them few thousands and they will never be respected by family members and society.
  7. The woman may get fined by the court for filing false charges. Read this article here

We also find a confession online and this was by a 498a wife and this is as below,


Let us have a reality check as why women file 498a case and what exactly happens.

Assumption: My Husband and in laws will come at my feet within filing 498a case

Reality: They are smart enough and they would prefer fighting the case instead of getting a wicked person like you.

Assumption: I will teach my husband a lesson. Girl Power!!

Reality: Husband will get bail and would love to see you going from his life having  hope within himself that one day he will get rid of you.

Assumption: Court will get me 100000 per month maintenance and I will enjoy his life on his money.

Reality: Court has denied maintenance to wife in many cases and instead of giving maintenance to you husband will leave his job and enjoy his life.


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