Evidence To Prove Allegations Of Dowry in 498a Case

Recently one of our viewers Annu Chopra had submitted some very important information on Evidence To Prove Allegations Of Dowry in 498a Case and we are more than happy in featuring his article. We are sure that you must have seen our article on how to cross-question in 498a case in court.

Evidence To Prove Allegations Of Dowry in 498a Case

She should submit the following which must be readily available with her if her alleged allegations and claims are true
1.List of dowry / istridhan items duly signed by husband and wife in presence of witnesses along with evidence that these were “demanded” by alleged Accused
2. Sources of Income and Income Tax statements to justify the huge amount spent on her marriage by her parents and that no tax evasion has been done.
3. Bank statements to show withdrawal of funds
4.Purchase receipts indicating the date of purchase, place, shop for diamonds, gold, cars, furniture etc.
5.Transport receipt for alleged furniture etc sent to “Premises”
6.Receipts for all expenditure/ payments related to marriage
7. Proof of “hard cash” given and witnesses from both sides
8. Video, photographic evidence when the above items/money were given/transported
9. Names of persons to whom above items have been handed over, names of all other persons from her and husband side present at the time of giving dowry/stridhan, time /date etc.
10. Summary of total expenses item wise.

usually in Madhya Pradesh, cruel wives put section 6 and 2 of dowry case on their husbands and if we go by that section. It talks about dowry in below words,

if a dowry is taken then both party have to write a list of dowry items and need to be signed by both the parties. If you would like to contribute your article then do write in the comment and we will contact you.

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