Deeptanshu Shukla: A Hero Who Fought Against False 498a Case

Meet Deeptanshu Shukla who is  IIT (Kanpur) topper and was falsely accused by his wife under IPC Section 498A, fought this case alone and got acquitted by the court.  Sessions court acquitted accused Deeptanshu Shukla of all charges in a lengthy 70 page judgement with comments against his wife and her family. After FIR was lodged in November, 2014 his father was transferred to some other state without any reason and it was done by member of girl’s family who is a senior congressmen. This is not the end and a departmental inquiry was started was set up against his mother in Kedriya Vidyalya school in Bhopal, where she works as Economics teacher.

When Deeptanshu filed RTIs in both GSI and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) he found out that it was request by senior Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh, Satyvrat Chaturvedi. A sheer shame on our government who is run by some irresponsible politicians.

Satyvrat Chaturvedi is cousin of his father in law used his power to trouble Deeptansu and his family members. When a news channel contacted Satyvrat Chaturvedi denied of knowing any person related to Deeptanshu but it was a lie as Deeptanshu showed invitation copy in which his Satyvrat Chaturvedi name was mentioned as senior member of family.

Couple got married in February 2011 and in November 2014, Deeptanshu’s wife filed an FIR saying she was forced to give 15 lakhs and Deeptanshu is asking for another 1 crore. Deeptanshu fought the case by himself and showed that there was no such transaction done on the name of dowry. Deeptanshu was picked up from a hospital where his mom was admitted and his whole house was ransacked by police in 2014.

They got married through a matrimonial website and later he realized how this thing can be so dangerous. Supreme court has already passed a notice to all states that no arrest would be made in these cases but still his arrest was made and all his stuff from his family was taken without any search warrant.

In India so many wrong things are happening and still we Indians do not care. I was going through online and found an amazing article of illegal things happen in India without any interruption by police and government officials. Do go through it and hats off to Deeptanshu and all the best for his future.


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