Cross Examination Questions in 498a Case: Cross Examination Techniques With Examples

After a small gap we are back again and this time we would be talking about Cross Examination Questions in 498a Case. In all this time we have come up a long way and have got decent crowd with us. After seeing your overwhelming response we have decided to start a forum on our site and very soon you would see a forum in action. In my case we have reached a conclusion and both the parties decided the end the case after accepting some amount of money. I would continue to provide consultation to all men victims here and we continue to grow together.

As we all know there are different stages of 498a case. Once your case goes to the court the opposite party which is you wife, would be called by the court to present their evidence. Once they give their evidence in court, your lawyer can cross them or in simple words, ask them questions in order to prove their allegations wrong. This is the most important stage of 498a case and you need to make sure you are involving an experienced lawyer for this.

Cross Examination Questions in 498a Case

We would first see what exactly haappens in cross question stage. First of all, your lawyer’s duty is to cross question the party in order to prove their allegations wrong. It will help us in filing perjury case under 340 CRPC. The purpose of cross examination is to prove your wife side wrong and bring out reasonable doubt in judge’s mind. It is very necessary to prepare for cross examination and in this stage you need to sit with your lawyer and explain them everything. Selection of question is very important here and it should be based on the allegations made by your wife in the complaint copy.

Your lawyer would need to be very clear about all the incidents happened between you and your wife. You should not hesitate in providing him all the relevant information. Keep these things in mind before cross question stage:

Never ever ask straight questions.

Prepare well for this stage and write down everything on a paper.

Your opposite party should never know why you are asking any question or purpose behind asking a specific question.

Always prepare with your lawyer for cross question stage. You need to ask questions as per different allegations made by her in her complaint.

Examples of Cross Examination Questions in 498a Case

Now let us talk about few examples which can be followed in a 498a case. it could be different in cases as allegations could differ from case to case.

Example 1:

Allegation: My father has given 4 KGs of gold during marriage.

Ask your lawyer to ask these questions:

I can see you have said your father has given 4 KGs of gold during marriage. Can you provide me the breakup of the gold materials?

Now questions for your father in law: What do you do sir?

Do you go to market? Do you keep record of your expenses? in most cases , he will say yes. Now ask him so when you buy something from market, do you ask for receipt. He will never say no as we cant buy anything without receipt. He will say yes and then ask him to give receipt of all the gold jewelry to the court.

Example 2

We have given washing machine, TV and bike.

If you have these kind of allegations then ask her the made and manufacturer of the washing machine, TV and bike. Then ask her about the receipt and she will not be able to provide that.

Example 3

My in laws and husband already used to beat me.

In this case ask your wife to explain the whole incident and with dates. Now ask her if she had gone to any doctor after this or there is any scar for the same. She will fumble and will not be able to give reply.

Now this is how you may tackle this stage. If you have any question do ask me.

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