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We all have a story in life, isn’t it? I too have a story.. We all dream of a nice wife, kids, nice house and always work towards it… We study hard, win competitions, get a high package job and then get married to get settled in life.. All this hard work goes to trash when we get a girl who does everything possible to make your life a living hell. I am sure it did not happen only with me but with most of us. We men do our best to keep that one girl happy who is called our wife but end of the day our beloved wife leaves us and files false case of 498a. This is not the ending but she makes sure she takes everyone’s name in the case who did not even meet her after marriage.

Gone are the times when women were victimized by evil men and crooked society. Nowadays men are victims of evil wives and in laws. Wives take resort of law to teach men a lesson but forget the fact that she is screwing her life too. Men are becoming victims of domestic violence by their wife but there is no place for them to raise out their voice. At this blog you may share your 498a victim story with us and we would publish the same keeping your identity hidden if you wish so.

498a victim story

Share your Story with us

If you have faced violence at work, home or anywhere. Do share your story with us here and we would publish it. We would not be sharing your name until you want us to. There are few guidelines which you need to follow while sharing your story and they are as below,

  1. Share the real story and make it minimum of 300 words. (no limit to maximum words)
  2. Even if your wife was a real evil please do not abuse her or use any word which can hurt our readers sentiments.
  3. Write a title of your story and then write about your story.
  4. You may hide your name in your story but while submitting your name and email address, please enter the correct information.
  5. We would not be sharing your email address and phone number with anyone.
  6. You may also ask questions to readers.
  7. try not to share name of your wife or in laws as you may be booked under defamation case hence change name of characters.
  8. Make sure to write minimum 300 words in your story else we would not be able to publish it.

Our responsibility and privacy rules

  1. As soon as you share your story we would publish it after proof reading it
  2. We are not responsible for any story published here and we can not be taken to any Indian court.
  3. We can not be asked to delete any story or to shut down our site if any story is hurting someone’s sentiments.
  4. any similarity in name and place would just be a coincidence and nothing else.

Move to 498a Forum

You may also move to our forum if you want any suggestion or expert advice. You may click here and move to our forum. Do share your story with us and see it live here on our site. You may share your story below,

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